Thank you for visiting our shop”YakisoBAR”.
With the aim of serving delicious Fujinomiya-style yakisoba,
we opened a yakisoba restaurant in Naka-Kasai in 2004.
The year that Fujinomiya yakisoba took the Gold Grand Prix
prize in that competition (2006), we moved to our location in
Nishi-Kasai, and have been here for the last 17 years.
We are proud to serve true Fujinomiya yakisoba
with an attention to delicious flavor.

We serve everything from the legendary plain yakisoba, which
is said to be better than the yakisoba found in Fujinomiya,
to our own unique creations.
In fall of 2013, we changed our name to Yakisoba-Kinkoya,
turning our shop into a yakisoba shop by day, and a restaurant
with beverages, appetizers, and yakisoba dishes by night.

Since we don’t use oil, the yakisoba isn’t as heavy as most,
and has less fat.Opened on August 4, 2006,
We recently celebrated our 15th anniversary!

At YakisoBar, the secret ingredient in the yakisoba is “love”!
We are excited to continue serving our customers
delicious Fujinomiya yakisoba.
Please keep coming back to enjoy our yakisoba!